What I did on my holidays by Fairlie

Remember back in Grade 3 or 4 when the initial thing you had to do on the first day of each term was sit at your desk and write a story entitled, “What I did on my holidays”?

(I suspect it was all a ploy by the teachers to buy a little more quiet time…just enough to get them as far as morning recess when they could dash off to the staffroom for a quick fag and a coffee and contemplate just how on earth they were going to make it through another term with their little class of horrors.)

Well, I kinda have the feeling now that I had then. I’ve had over two weeks off blogging, and now I need to account for myself.

How much more interesting would those 3rd and 4th grade essays have been if we’d all had digital cameras back then? Instead of the teachers receiving 30 variations of “I went to the zoo/grandma’s/the beach/the movies” they could have flicked through 30 visual representations of the above!

So, here’s my 21st century photo essay, entitled:

What I did on my holidays.
by Fairlie, aged 38 and a reasonably big bit.

We headed north to the sunny climes of beautiful-one-day-perfect-the-next Queensland. Our holiday started on the Gold Coast as we had, in a moment of supreme weakness, foolishly agreed to a “worlds” trip to celebrate Queenie’s 10th birthday (10 already…where did those years go?)

We “did” Movieworld and Dreamworld…where there were these for The Poolboy:

This for Queenie:

And a Hi-5 interactive dance experience for The Impossible Princess:

Two days, two theme parks = two times hell as far as I’m concerned.

I did go on one teeny, weeny rollercoaster in the Loony Tunes section of Movieworld, but I had my eyes squeezed tightly shut for the entire ride, and was still shaking half an hour later. I’m such a thrillseeker

After three nights in Surfers Paradise, we headed north, stopping at the fabulous new Queensland Gallery of Modern Art on the way for our culture antidote for the fun-city overdose of the previous three days:

And then we reached the Sunshine Coast, where we were guests of friendsĀ in their fabulous beach house. (No this isn’t their house…it’s a sandcastle.)

There was time for a little fishing:

We enjoyed a few of these (accompanied by some delicious food too):

Fitted in a strawberry-picking expedition to Eumundi:

And, of course, spent a lot of time here:

And now it all seems a dim, distant memory.

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