The Mornington Peninsula in winter

I’ve realised there is a good reason why those fortunate people who have beach houses down on the Mornington Peninsula don’t use them these school holidays. Instead, they head north to the sunnier climes of Queensland, or they tour the Mediterranean, or they go shopping in steamy New York, leaving their houses available to be kindly loaned to those of us who don’t have beach houses on the Mornington Peninsula.

And that reason is because it’s just too damned cold at this time of year.

We’re just back from a few days ‘at the beach’. We stayed indoors watching DVDs, playing games and reading books in front of an open fire.

I was however determined to capture photographically some of the colour and texture of the beach. So at the risk of great personal peril due to the threat of hypothermia I ventured out this morning.

I’ve never thought of photography as a cardio activity before. On my first attempt out, I had just made it onto the sand when the rain started, and I had to run back to the house to prevent a complete soaking.

The second time, I was wandering along merrily snapping away as the sun was actually shining, when all of a sudden the weather turned. And I had to run a lot further to get out of the arctic driving rain.

I did get what I went there for though. (And it came with a bonus workout.)
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