In LA everything is an illusion

Los Angeles. Nothing is quite what it seems. Hoardings can be painted to create blue skies. A cobbled street can be dressed by props people to appear in a movie as a village in Switzerland, a town square of London, a laneway in Venice.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

But it doesn’t stop with the entertainment industry.

Billboards and shopfronts abound for fake tan, fake boobs, fake (fixed) teeth.

And discovered in a shopping mall…fake snow.

Just add water…

…and the white powder expands to 100 times its size, forming buckets of light, fluffy, cold (yes, cold) snow which lasts for two weeks before you need to add more water.

Of course we HAD to buy some. We’re keeping it unexpanded in the box to bring home, but the free bag of already expanded snow they gave us is now artistically arranged on silver foil around the base of the Christmas tree we have in our New York apartment.

We’re determined to have a white Christmas one way or another.


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