We can stop dreaming now

So, we’re wandering around the 4th floor of the American Museum of Natural History (think Night at the Museum) examining the dinosaurs when I glance out of a window and notice white fluffy pieces floating around in the air.
“I think it’s snowing,” I say to the girls.You’ve never seen people evacuate a building so quickly, donning coats, gloves, hats and scarves en route.
It was indeed snowing outside. But the snow was melting as soon as it hit the ground. That didn’t bother the girls who stood out in it as if they’d never seen snow before.Come to think of it…two out of the three hadn’t. 

Later in the evening, after dinner, The Poolboy maturely started a snow fight on a mid-town street with snow that was starting to sit on surfaces.
Melting snow down the back of my neck and inside my sleeves. Urghh…
And our street when we got home looked like this.
The girls are hoping for a decent covering on the ground tomorrow, but the forecast is not promising. Quite frankly, I’m a little over the snow already, but it was magic for the first half hour or so!
And to think, it was 19 degrees and short sleeves yesterday.
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