NYC Snow Day

Snow Day (n.) A day in which school classes are cancelled or delayed due to snow, heavy ice, or low temperatures.

I never quite understood the true meaning of the term “Snow Day” which is sometimes used to describe a day you just stay at home, until today when we experienced one in New York City. We woke to storm warnings on the morning TV news, plus a listing of all the schools in the State that were closed. At this stage, there wasn’t even a hint of snow.

We went off to the fabulous Metropolitan Museum of New York. And during the morning looked out a window across Central Park to see this:

We decided it might be fun to walk through the park in the still falling snow…
…admiring other people’s snowmen on the way.
As we walked I kept a note of the adjectives we used…


Christmassy…cold…icy…effing freezing…horrible…wet…disgusting…slippery…

Getting taxis was damn near impossible. The city was in complete go-slow. Luckily a driver took pity on us with our shopping bags, stroller and the grumpy, over-the-idea-of-snow Impossible Princess.

Our steps will be icy tomorrow morning.

We’re satisfied now. We’ve experienced a true New York City snowstorm.

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