And so this is Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!

I know it’s no longer Christmas for most of you, but here it has just started.

I wonder if these trees ever found a home? Lunchtime on Christmas Eve they were still waiting to be bought. I suspect the woodchipper was their fate?
On Christmas Eve we went to the matinee of Hairspray – the Musical. Superlatives are not enough to describe this show. The Poolboy and I agreed it was the best money spent…and we’d almost be tempted to go again. The girls were transfixed.
Afterwards we met a friend and went to her favourite Italian restaurant for an early dinner.Delicious, wholesome Italian food at reasonable prices. We liked it so much we went there three times.
We woke this morning to a sunny, cold day. Presents under the tree. Stockings filled by Santa. Thoughfully, he left IOUs for the girls’ main present. The elves in the late processing department will deliver the trampoline to the new house sometime in January. Just as well, as I don’t think Qantas would be too happy about us taking one on as hand luggage.
The turkey is in the oven. (How four of us are going to eat a whole turkey, I’m not sure…) And I have made cranberry sauce from scratch. Who knew it doesn’t always come out of a jar?
And we can still see some snow on the ground from our apartment. Does that count as a white Christmas?
Ho ho ho!
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