A floating village

From the junk we were taken in bamboo boats to a floating village.

From what we could work out, these villages were created by the government in the 1990s, to provide fishing families with permanent bases in sheltered areas.  The village we went to contained houses, shops, a school and refueling facilities.  Boats visit from the mainland each day to bring fresh water and supplies, and to take away garbage.

A ‘shop’ boat goes around each house a couple of times a day. Families buy just enough for the next meal.

Houses were…cosy…to say the least. Our guide said three generations may well live in a two-roomed home.  But see! They have television.  Generators run at night, and apparently TV and karaoke are popular entertainment choices.

This is the school. The kids row themselves to school in small bamboo boats, and cruise around the village out of school hours in their boats like kids elsewhere may do on bikes or skateboards.
Outside the schoolroom was a deck about 5 metres squared. While we were visiting, the kids went out onto the deck for morning recess and played a game of chasey. It was great fun to watch.
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