On yer bike…

In Hanoi, the preferred mode of transport is both push-bikes and motorbikes.  It is quite common to see whole families on a motorbike – Dad driving, one child in front of him, another behind him, and Mum on the very back. We even saw a few families with three kids on the bike. Sometimes the mother would be casually holding a baby asleep in her arms.  It makes our baby car seats with five point harnesses, anchor bolts (and now, I believe, air bags!) seem somewhat on the cautious side.
And bikes are also used as commerical vehicles.  While we sat having lunch in a restaurant one day, I photographed every load that went by in a 15 minute period.

Other sights that I wished I’d had the camera ready for were the two men on a motorbike with a grandfather clock, the many motorbikes loaded up with about 160 dozen eggs in crates strapped to the front, back and sides, and the five grown men….yes FIVE…on a motorbike in a Hanoi street.  By the way they were laughing, I took it that even they thought that was amusing.
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