Doing a Bridget Jones: a mini-break in Tasmania

Bridget Jones calls it a ‘mini-break’. Ours was probably more of a micro-break, given The Poolboy and I headed over to Tasmania on Friday for one night.
Long story, but it all had to do with airline and hotel vouchers The Poolboy was given by an appreciative client, and one of them expiring on Saturday.
So we flew Virgin (it was my first time) to Launceston. I was pleasantly surprised, they were actually quite good.  It was just a 50 minute flight though.
We picked up a hire car and headed off to a lovely hotel in the country.

It was just like Bridget Jones’s English country house hotels.  There was a drawing room, and a sweeping wooden staircase. I expected Colonal Mustard to be in the dining room, hiding the revolver.

There’s some stables out the back, where several Melbourne Cup winners have been bred. And isn’t it all so green? That island is lush at the moment.

Our room was very comfortable.  A little chintzy for my taste but hey, we weren’t paying.  The food at the hotel was magnificent. And there was just so much of it. A three course dinner on Friday night, and then a full cooked breakfast the following morning in the dining room, with all the fruit compotes and pastries etc laid out on the side dresser…just as (I imagine!) the butler would do in the English country homes.

We did manage to leave room to squeeze in a bowl of these when we visited The Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm Cafe later in the day. Fresh raspberries and Ashgrove cream.  Delicious.

What did you get up to on your weekend?
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