On our way to Hue

So today we’re on our way to Hue.
Hue is pronounced whay…so, now go back and re-read the first sentence. Clever, huh?
We took a taxi to the airport, and I had my camera ready…just in case we encountered any great bike-loads on the way.

Finally! I got a shot of eggs.

If you ever fly in or out of Ho Chi Minh’s airports, be assured that both the domestic and international terminals have most excellent reflexology massage places. For the reasonable cost of about US$13 you can lay back in a comfy chair for 30 mins with a heat pack on your shoulders, a warm eye-mask and a cup of ginger tea, while a masseuse or masseur gives you a fabulous foot and leg massage. For people who lean to the nervous-flyer end of the spectrum (yes, my hand is up) it is the perfect pre-flight preparation.

We arrived at Hue’s ‘international’ airport, where we were bussed from the plane to the arrivals terminal. We could have walked it faster, but apparently that is not the done thing.

With an annual rainfall of 3,000 mm, Hue is the wettest place in Vietnam and one of the wettest of the Asian cities. There are wet, wetter and wettest seasons, but basically no matter when you go, you have to expect some rain.
It did not disappoint. The rain ranged from sprinkling to torrential during our stay, with just a short break of sunshine (perhaps 30 minutes?).  It made us very adept at manipulating an umbrella and a camera.
We did wonder though, why the Nguyen emperors chose to locate the Imperial Citadel there.  Perhaps they just weren’t outdoor people?
Tomorrow: The Imperial Citadel
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