Well-heeled in Hoi An

After the trauma of the train trip, we were pretty happy to end up in our favourite town in Vietnam, Hoi An.
You may recall from our previous trip how lovely Hoi An is visually.  But another attraction of Hoi An is its abundance of tailor and shoemaking shops.
We headed straight from checking-in at the hotel to our favourite tailors to start the process of getting a few items of clothing made (you need to allow plenty of fittings if you want the best end result).
Last time, we just got clothes made. But this time we decided to venture into the shoe arena – trying out four different shoemakers in the process.

The shoemakers can replicate pretty much any style you want. You can either chose from the ranges on display, or pick something from the thousands of photos they have in plastic sleeves (all torn out of magazines and catalogues).

You stand on a piece of paper and they draw around your foot and take a multitude of measurements around your ankle, over your foot, up and down your calves (if you’re getting boots).

Then in most cases, 24 hours later, you have shoes.  Amazing!
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