They that dwell up in the steeple

The Campanile (belltower) in Piazza San Marco is an imposing landmark on the Venice skyline.  It was here in 1609 that Galileo showed his telescope to the then Doge.  Well, it wasn’t exactly here…as that tower (which had stood since 1173) collapsed with no warning in 1902. However it was rebuilt and, unlike most towers in Italy, was rebuilt with the inclusion of a lift (elevator).

We were standing below the tower when the bells began to ring, and we were very grateful we weren’t up in the tower at the time as they are, shall we say, quite loud.

The view from the top is magnificent. Those onion domes in the foreground are the top of the Basilica San Marco, which was consecrated in 1094. The age of places in Italy is really quite difficult to fathom.

And it turned out, our timing wasn’t so good. We did end up being up the top of the tower as the bells rang.
Totally deafening.
Stay tuned for another Venice update later today. If I don’t multi-post we’ll still be in Italy at Christmas time.
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