To the islands

In the lagoon surrounding Venice are a number of other islands which can be easily reached by local ferry.  We spent a day going to Murano and Burano.

Murano is the glassblowing island. The glassmaking industry was moved there from Venice in 1291 so that the glass furnaces were not such a fire risk to the city. Glassmaking techniques were closely-guarded secrets and glassmakers were not permitted to leave the islands.

The glassmaking industry continues to prosper and Murano glass products are shipped and sold world-wide.

On the paths of Murano are public sculptures by some of the island’s glass studios.

Burano is certainly the most colourful of the islands.  Traditionally, it was the lacemaking island but we saw little evidence of that. It seems to now be a popular holiday island with many lovely restaurants and shops, plus a small fishing industry.

The colours are dramatic, with each house a different shade.

Doorways opening straight onto the walkways are shielded by striped curtains.

The tilting church tower.
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