Big night out in Pompeii

When we were planning our itinerary for Italy, one of the places which was non-negotiable as far as both The Poolboy and I were concerned was the ruins at Pompeii.
Most people visiting Pompeii tend to do a day trip from Naples, or Sorrento or even Rome. However, I wanted to make sure we had as full a day as possible at the ruins, so to me it made sense to get the train from Florence to Naples and then transfer to Pompeii (the town) to stay that night, so we could make an early start the following morning (“get there at opening time“).
The more I told people this though, the more unsure I became of that plan, as everyone was very disparaging of the town of Pompeii, and suggested staying in Naples instead.
All I can say is that they were wrong. We really enjoyed our time in Pompeii.

This was our first view of Vesuvius from the car between Naples and Pompeii.

Our hotel was lovely – right across the road from the back entrance to the ruins, and set in a citrus grove. Evening drinks (and dinner, if you wished) were served in amongst the lemon and orange trees and the breakfast was served in an airy ‘garden room’ which opened to grapevines and more citrus.

We headed out to find a restaurant I had seen recommended (Il Principe). According to the news clippings in the corridor on the way to the toilets, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both ate there when they visited Pompeii.  At least, I think that’s what the Italian news clippings said…otherwise they just have random clips about US Presidents stuck to the walls, which would be somewhat odd.

The town is lovely, and was totally rocking on a Saturday night (although it doesn’t look that way in these pics!).

Walking home from dinner, we stumbled across the Pompeii Cinema Festival. These (we assume) actors were attracting a lot of attention and flashbulbs on the red carpet. We had no idea who they were, but thought we’d join in and take photos anyway.
Later…a long-held ambition fulfilled.
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