Next time…

One of the things common to all our holidays is that we see places that seem really interesting and we start making hypothetical plans for “next time we come here”. For example, “Next time we come to Sorrento, we’ll stay in this area.”
This was that place.

Marina Grande (big marina) is an especially beautiful small fishing harbour, only a few minutes walk from the main drags of Sorrento, but a whole world away in atmosphere.

It is a tiny steep-sided bay containing a fishing village, a narrow beach, some small hotels, restaurants and bathing establishments.  The beach here is a public one, used for both work and free time by the entire community. Fishermen repair their nets on boats that have been hauled up onto the sand.

And we even found the perfect apartment to stay in “next time”. Right on the harbour, overlooking the beach, and just a couple of minutes walk from a language school where we will learn Italian…next time.

Whenever that is.

Later today…setting the birthday bar too high.
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