Someone had a birthday in Capri

Queenie always celebrates her birthday during the September school holidays. This has its advantages and disadvantages – for instance, she doesn’t have to be at school for the day, but all her friends are often out of town and there is no-one to celebrate with.
This year however, she celebrated her 14th birthday with a day-trip to the island of Capri.
And she better not get any ideas about us topping that for future birthdays, as it just.ain’t.happening.

First, a jet-foil ferry to Capri, where we headed to a cafe to meet Gianni, the boatman I had booked to take us around the island. The scenery around Capri is just stunning…but it is possibly best-known for the La Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Grotto) which is a cave bathed in an irridescent blue light due to a geological phenomenon of daylight entering the cave via an underwater opening located immediately below the entrance to the cave. The light is filtered by the water which absorbs the red tones, leaving only the blue ones to pass into the cave. In order to enter the Blue Grotto, visitors¬†climb aboard small rowing boats, with a capacity for two, maximum three, passengers and, lying on the bottom of the boat, enter the low and narrow mouth of the cave. Entrance to the cave is not possible in the presence of south westerly and mistral winds, as it gets too rough to safely enter. Guess what type of wind it was that day? But it didn’t matter, as Gianni took us to many other grottoes that were also spectacular, including La Grotta Verde (The Green Grotto) where we were able to don goggles and snorkles and swim right through the irridescent green water. It was completely magic.

It was certainly a birthday to remember for Queenie!
Tomorrow…we hit the sights of Rome
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