Up to our necks in hot water (again)

Longtime readers of this blog will know I love a bit of hot water (or hot toxic waste mud).  As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better than a soak in some warm odd-smelling liquid.
On Sunday we took Britannia to what we think is one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets – The Peninsula Hot Springs.

It’s amazing how many Melburnians we talk to have not yet been to Peninsula Hot Springs. It is the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria and is located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Natural thermal mineral water at 50 degrees Celsius is pumped from 600 metres below ground and flows into a variety of pools and private baths (which range in temperature from around 36 – 42 degrees). There’s also a couple of chilly plunge pools.

Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and  is classified as a “Sodium Chloride Bicarbonate Spring”

Since our first visit, the site has expanded dramatically and there are now two separate areas – a spa section for customers choosing to combine a spa treatment with a soak, and the ‘public’ Bath House area for the rest of us.

The Bath House has over twenty different bathing experiences on offer including a hill top pool (above and below) with 360 degree views over the Peninsula.

Stunning. With Sunday’s haze, it looked like an impressionist painting.

There’s also a reflexology walk, Turkish steam room, sauna, cave pool, family bathing areas and more, all located in an idyllic bush setting.

One day, I plan to do a hot springs tour of the world.  On my list I already have:
  • Bath in England
  • Grindavik in Iceland
  • Pamukkale in Turkey
  • Banff in Canada
  • Chena in Alaska
  • Dunton in Colorado
  • Puritamo in Chile
  • Yamanouchi in Japan
  • Waikato in New Zealand

And as we relaxed on the deckchairs overlooking the lake, Britannia told me about a fabulous one in Switzerland that I think I can squeeze onto my (fantasy) itinerary.

So who’s getting wrinkly with me? 
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