Four seasons in one day

If there’s one thing you can say for certain about Melbourne and its surrounding area, it’s that the weather keeps you on your toes.
Last weekend, we traveled all the way to Geelong for Queenie and Britannia to compete in a rowing regatta, only for the races to be cancelled within half an hour of us arriving there, due to the extreme heat.
This weekend, the girls rowed in the cold and rain. It actually suited Britannia and her fellow English exchange crew, as they powered through in their final and took home first place medals.  It was just like playing sport at home in summer for them. 😉

After the rowing we headed to Merricks Beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, where we stayed the night with some friends at their beach house.

Our walk/run on the beach in the morning started in sunny conditions, progressed through drizzle and ended up with overcast but fine weather.

By lunchtime however,  the sun was out and we went to see the Sculpture Prize Exhibition at Montalto Winery. This is an annual acquisition award for outdoor sculpture.

At least three of the pieces had equestrian themes, which is understandable given Red Hill is in the heart of horsey-country.

This piece by Melissa Cussell was my favourite. Mirrored poles among the trees. It reminded me of seeing pukamani (burial) poles in the bush in the Tiwi Islands, but  instead of a pole reflecting the life and character of the person whose grave it marks through painted designs, in this case it literally reflects a person.

Another horse.

And by mid-afternoon the same beach that was grey in the morning was bathed in bright sunshine.
Melbourne is never boring.
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