Chew Clan Jetty

Like the Khoo Kongsi I posted about earlier which represented one of five major clans who have clan houses in George Town, the Chew Clan Jetty is one of a number of Clan jetties. There are eight jetties, each named after the surnames of the clan that inhabits them.


We visited the Chew Clan Jetty, which is actually a village built on stilts, originally built by some pioneer Chinese immigrants. The jetty consists of a couple of rows of houses on stilts joined by wooden walkways over the water.

There we found another of Ernest Zacharevic’s wall paintings.

img_9408.jpg img_9406.jpg

And another hair ‘saloon’. The first time I saw saloon, I assumed it was mis-spelt, but apparently not, it was the universal spelling for a place of hairdressing across Penang.


IMG_9412While the houses seemed to be quite basic, they obviously have all the mod-cons – electricity and satellite TV.


IMG_9420The ‘stilts’ consisted of plastic buckets filled with concrete and piled on top of each other. It would probably breach several hundred Australian building regulations.


I thought this spot looked like a great place to sit back and watch the world go by.

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