Beach activity

The beach outside our hotel was a hive of activity from early in the morning.  The water sports operators were there bright and early, setting up their equipment and guys with rakes were dealing with the debris on the beach.
IMG_1484 IMG_1504

There’s all sorts of stuff washed up on the beach. Everything from toothbrushes to mobile phones.


At 9:00am, the reflexology masseurs and masseuses start work. Our favourite was Mr Foo, his son Tommy and son-in-law Nelson.  They are very traditional…

IMG_1491 IMG_1490

…years of knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine passed down through the generations.


Near the beach, the convenience store had an ingenious method of making shopping bags out of newspaper.

Watching the weather changing dramatically over the beach was fascinating.




But I think early morning was my favourite time to be there.


The Impossible Princess and I enjoyed seeking out the best shells.

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