Singapore: Sentosa

Sentosa Island has undergone a fairly major upgrade since we were last there back at the turn of the century. I remember it being a fairly sad place to visit, with the Merlion and the Merlion Walk and not a lot else. There probably was other stuff, but that’s about all I remember.

Except the cable car, how could I forget that? It’s still one of the ways to get to the island.


Straight through a building.


For some bizarre reason, the cable car currently has an Angry Birds theme, including large plush toy Angry Birds in the cars themselves, and annoying Angry Bird music playing.

IMG_6017Dragonflies at the base of the Merlion.

The Merlion is a mythical creature – half lion, half mermaid and is the tourism symbol of Singapore. This Merlion on Sentosa is  37 metres tall  and is on one of the higher points of the island, which offers views from the Merlion’s mouth and head, back over Singapore.

IMG_6027 IMG_6054Behind the Merlion is the Merlion Walk, a 120 metre long pathway that leads to the beach. Mosaic sea creatures sprout water jets and carillon bells tinkle in the breeze.

IMG_6071 IMG_6020

This particular part of Sentosa holds funny memories for us. When we visited here when Queenie was three years old, a Singaporean  family was taking lots of family photos. Queenie was quite a blonde child, and they insisted on her being in all their photos. My brother video-ed the whole scene and we often wonder where those family photos are now, and whether generations on, someone will puzzle over who the blond-haired, blue-eyed member of the family was?

Sentosa is now a place where you can have a bit of extreme fun (i.e scare the bejeezus out of Fairlie).

The chairlift to the downhill luge.

IMG_6080 IMG_6082


The downhill luge was actually fun, as you can control the speed of your luge going as fast or as slow as you like.  I didn’t mind that.

IMG_6083The Megazip zipline however?  Arggghhhhh. See that island in the water? That’s where we ended up, after being strapped into a harness and hurtling down the line at speed. This is soooooo not my thing. But sometimes if you push yourself outside your comfort zone, you  have an amazing sense of achievement at the end. (And this was so far from my comfort zone you would need a packed lunch and a compass to reach it.)

The really funny part though, is I even did it with my handbag over my shoulder.


The details:

Megazip Adventure Park
Imbiah Hill Road Sentosa Island
+65 6884-5602
Facebook: MegaZip Adventure Park

Skyline Sentosa
45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island
 +65 6274 0472
Facebook: Skyline Luge Sentosa
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