Memorable moments: Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

Tanjung Rhu LangkawiDateline: 18 January 2010. 6.30pm We had been staying at the beautiful Tanjung Rhu resort in Langkawi for a few nights before we noticed the sign propped up next to the beach which said there was a ‘champagne happy hour’ on the beach each night. But once we discovered it, that became our daily ritual. Especially when, after a few days of half-price non-vintage Moet et Chandon, the barman said, “We have run out of the champagne, but we have a new one…vintage Moet. Same price.” Watching the sun set over a stunning beach, a chilled glass of champagne in hand, while the girls played on the sand…is there any better way to end a day?

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