The most Googled questions about Disneyworld

This post is part of a series of “Ask Google? Ask Fairlie!” posts. Today, I’m asking Google about Disneyworld in Orlando. Using the auto-complete suggestions, I find out some of the most Googled questions about Disneyworld. Then I answer those questions myself. Who needs Google when you can ask Fairlie?

(NB: the more correct way to refer to this complex is Walt Disney World Resort…but who stands on formalities when they are Googling?)

Ask Google about Disneyworld

Is Disneyworld better than Disneyland?

You’re asking ME this? That’s like asking a saint to evaluate two different types of hell.  I’m not the hugest of theme-park fans. However, I do have to admit (but I’ll do so very quietly) that there is a special type of magic associated with the Disney franchise of theme parks. I remember as a kid, growing up in country Western Australia, a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld seemed like something truly amazing. It was what every kid was promised ‘when the Lotto comes up’. Well the Lotto never did come up…so I was an adult before I visited either of these parks. Which one is better? It’s hard to say. Disneyworld in Orlando is BIGGER. But the original Disneyland in Anaheim? There’s something about it that will never be replicated. It was the first place Walt’s magic stick worked its wonders.

Is Disneyworld open on Christmas Day?

On my wordy it is. Disneyworld is open every day of the year. And although I haven’t visited Disneyworld at Christmas time, I have visited Disneyland in the lead up to Christmas and WOW! The Disney Imagineers really go to town for the holiday season. Every attraction is decorated, the shows all have a Christmas theme. It’s really very beautiful.

Is Disneyworld or Disneyland bigger?

There’s no competition here. Disneyland in Anaheim consists of two parks: the original Disneyland park and California Adventure right next door. Altogether about 300 acres, but totally hemmed in by the surrounding hotels, shops, offices etc of Anaheim.

Disneyland first opened in 1955, and by 1959 Walt Disney was dreaming on a much bigger scale when he planned his Florida off-shoot of Disneyworld. He bought up over 30,000 acres on the edge of Orlando, which now contains four major theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom; two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon); a retail marketplace and night-time entertainment complex (Downtown Disney); and the Wide World Of Sports Complex which is 200 acres of sporting action…and then you add 20+ Disney themed resort hotels. It’s Disney on steroids.

Is Disneyworld worth it?

What a strange question we’re asking? How will Google judge its response to us?  Will it calculate worth on screams per dollar? Character-sightings per square inch? The answer to whether the considerable amount of money a Disney holiday costs is worth it, really depends on what you hope to get out of it.  I’ve been to two Disney locations now (Orlando and Anaheim) and while I’m happy to have those memories, that’s enough for me.

Why does Disneyworld water taste bad?

I can’t say I noticed. But then again, I don’t think I ever drank the water straight out of a tap/faucet at Disneyworld. I’m a bit conservative when it comes to drinking water while travelling and I stick to the bottled stuff. Not because water is necessarily bad, but because a change in water sometimes triggers a stomach upset that you just don’t need when you’re on holiday.  And besides, those of you who have read my earlier post about Disneyworld, know I wasn’t in any position to judge the taste of the water anyway.

How do Disneyworld characters stay cool?

Oh wow. This is a great question. Orlando is on the edge of the tropics, so has a similar climate to parts of Queensland. In its hottest months, the daytime temperatures are well into the 30s (Celsius). So, yes…you do have to wonder about the poor performers inside those character suits. Especially the full-furry, big-headed ones.

So I did a bit of poking around and discovered that there’s no secret fans or battery-powered air-con inside those suits. In the peak of summer, the performers can get dangerously hot in a short period of time, so each outdoor appearance lasts only about 20 minutes before the performer comes inside to de-suit for around 40 minutes, and a replacement is sent back out in their place.

But what about the smell inside the suit? Don’t fear…apparently each performer has his or her own suit, so it’s just their own sweat they’re inhaling on each shift, and then the suits are cleaned at the end of each day. Well, I’m sure glad we got that question sorted out.

What question would you be Googling about Disneyworld?

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