Memorable moment: Swan River foreshore

‘Memorable moments’ are those travel memories of a time, a place or an experience that stick with you and bring a smile to your face years later. Here on the blog, the ‘Memorable Moments’ series is like a set of postcards on the fridge – each one a snapshot and the short story about what made that moment memorable.

In 2015, I am opening this series up to guest bloggers of any genre. If you have a memorable travel moment you would like to feature, shoot me an email or leave a comment below letting me know and I will add you to the schedule. You will need to provide one reasonably good quality photograph (can be watermarked), a story of 200-400 words which describes that moment, and a short bio and link your blog.  

Swan River foreshore

Swan River Foreshore

Dateline: 27 December 2013

I grew up in Western Australia. I lived most of my childhood and adolescent life in Perth. I studied at the beautiful University of Western Australia, and lived for four years in a residential college across the road from the University where, in my fourth year I had the most spectacular view over the Swan River from my room. I even lived back in Perth for a year in the early part of this century, in a home just a stone’s throw from the River. I thought I knew the city (especially the western suburbs) well.

But the Christmas before last, when we were back in Perth to spend time with family, we rented a holiday villa in the riverside suburb of Dalkeith, and early one morning when I went out for a walk as the sun was rising, I discovered a hidden sandy beach I never knew existed.

At the end of Beatrice Road, where it meets Victoria Avenue, is a park called Point Resolution Reserve. I walked through the park and down some steps towards the river, turned the corner and discovered the beautiful beach in the photo above. In the early morning light, it was a stunning walk between the backyards of Jutland Parade multi-million dollar mansions, and the glistening blue of the Swan River. Hardly a soul was there. The occasional person walking dogs and that was it.

A magic memory of that visit to Perth.

What hidden secrets have you discovered in your hometown?

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