Free e-guide to creating memorable moments

Want to pack your next travel itinerary with opportunities to create memorable moments for years to come? I’ve written a 29-page guide to doing exactly that…and it’s free for you to download!

Want to pack your next travel experience full of memorable moments. This e-guide shows you how.

Way back in the dark ages, before I started blogging, I would regale everyone I knew with tales and make them sit through photo album viewings after we returned from any travel experience. And one thing I heard over and over again was, “You guys find the best stuff to do. I’m getting your advice when I go to {insert destination here}“.

After a while,  I found myself sending out emails on a regular basis to friends.. and friends of friends…with tips, and anecdotes, and lists of hotels, shops, restaurants, tours.

Which is why I started Feet on Foreign Lands. Here, I share with all of you the experiences and knowledge I was previously sharing with a select few.

And one of the things I think The Fairlie Entourage is particularly good at when it comes to drawing up travel itineraries, is packing them full of a variety of experiences. We try to ensure there is something for everyone in what we’re doing each day, and in doing so, we create opportunities for those moments that we remember forever.

Want to pack your next travel experience full of memorable moments. This e-guide shows you how.

They’re what I like to call ‘memorable moments’: travel memories of a time, a place or an experience that stick with you and bring a smile to your face, even years later. (You can see some of our previous memorable moments by selecting the tab on the top menu or by clicking this link).

If you’ve read my earlier post about tripling your travel happiness you’ll remember that the third stage of maximising the happiness you attain from any travel experience happens long after you’ve returned home. That happiness is obtained when you reflect and remember all you saw, what you experienced, the foods you ate, the people you met. Years after the event, a memory can trigger a renewed experience of old joy.

It’s no accident that The Fairlie Entourage creates so many memorable moments in our travels. I have a checklist that I use to ensure any travel itinerary, whether it’s for a long weekend in country Victoria, or two weeks in Japan, is packed full of a variety of opportunities to create fantastic memories.

And just like all those tips and lists I once shared by email, I’m prepared to share my secrets with all Feet on Foreign Lands readers. Nothing makes me happier than helping others create fabulous travel itineraries of their own.

So, click here to download the 29-page FREE e-guide to creating memorable moments.
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I’d love your feedback on the guide. How do you create memorable moments?

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Want to pack your next travel experience full of memorable moments. This e-guide shows you how.

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