Memorable Moment: Sake in Tokyo


Sake in Tokyo

Dateline: 20 June 2015

On arrival at our Tokyo hotel, the reception staff said they offer ‘welcome’ green tea or sake. Which would we like? And what time would we like it sent up to our room? Well, of course we had to choose sake!

At the appointed hour, there was a knock on the door, and a lovely staff member arrived with two bottles of chilled sake, two glasses and two wooden boxes. Is this your first time drinking sake? she asked.

It wasn’t. But it was our first time drinking it in Japan…so we asked her to show us how.

She placed the glass inside the wooden box, then poured the whole bottle into it, so that sake overflowed from the glass into the box.

First, you get down and drink from the glass, she said. Then, you can pick up the glass. Then when the glass is finished, pick up the box and drink what’s left in there.

I have no idea if that was right, or if she was just having a bit of fun with us. But I happily obliged.

Do you like sake?

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