Memorable Moment: Hakone ryokan


Fukuzumiro Ryokan, Hakone

Dateline: 23 June 2015

We had been looking forward to our first stay in a Japanese ryokan (guesthouse/inn) but weren’t really sure what to expect. As it turned out, our choice of Fukuzumiro Ryokan in Hakone was perfect! It is a 125 year old wooden ryokan located on the river.

We were shown to our room, which was a huge quad-room, with tatami mats on the floor, and we were spellbound to discover our room was lined with a wall of windows looking out over the river. The girls were beside themselves with excitement at the idea of lounging around in the room in our yukata (cotton kimono-like gowns), and thought it was the best accommodation ever.

I have posted in more detail about our ryokan experience (click this link for the post), but that initial impression, when we entered the room? A totally memorable moment.

Have you ever stayed in a ryokan?

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