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Throughout the month of October, I invited Instagrammers right around the world to join me in showcasing their home towns through the #feetonmyhometown Instagram Challenge. The idea was that I provided prompts for each day, and IGers took and posted photos based on those prompts. In this post, I show the photos that I took of one of my home towns, York in Western Australia. 

York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com

The #feetonmyhometown Challenge was a fascinating glimpse of home towns right around the globe. You can check out all the photos that were posted by using the #feetonmyhometown hashtag to search Instagram. Some people joined in for a single prompt, others jumped in and out throughout the month, and a few managed to post every single day for each prompt – including Kathy from 50 Shades of Age, who posted a photo from her home town of Burleigh Heads in Queensland each day. Click the link to see all her fabulous photos on a single blog post. It makes me want to visit Burleigh Heads really soon!

On my own Instagram account, each day I posted photos of three different places, all of which I consider to be my ‘home towns’. One of these was the town of York in Western Australia, which is where I lived as a child and teenager. As I was visiting York in September, I took the opportunity to take all the photos I required for the challenge over a two day period then. And in the collages below, you can see each of those photos and its related prompt.

York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


York is Western Australia’s oldest inland town and is about 97km from Perth. It was first settled in 1831, just two years after the Swan River Colony was established in the area now known as Perth.  Early attempts at farming on the Colony’s sandy coastal plain ran into difficulties and a 21 year old officer of the 63rd Regiment, Ensign Robert Dale, was sent off to make an exploratory journey over the Darling Ranges. He found the area now known as the Avon Valley and thought it looked promising as farmland.York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


The town is about an hour and half’s drive from the centre of Perth, and day trippers or weekenders are drawn to its historic nature. York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


The activities and attractions on offer include the York Motor Museum, the Residency Museum, Skydive Express, the York Olive Oil Company and the old York Flour Mill. The town retains many historical buildings, and there are country race meetings at the York Racecourse which re-opened for racing earlier this year after a freak storm destroyed the heritage listed grandstand and most of the racecourse infrastructure four years ago. Up until then, racing had been conducted at that racecourse for over a century.

York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


Throughout the year there are also a number of arts and crafts, photography, antique and motoring events or festivals.York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


There’s a number of walk trails around the town, plus The Impossible Princess and I discovered that there are more that enough geocaches hidden in and around the town to fill an entire weekend seeking them out.

York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com

Accommodation options range from overnight RV parking spots with a dump point in the Avon Park right through to bed and breakfast establishments and rooms in boutique heritage hotels.

York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com
(I have to give my brother and nephews credit for the echidna pic)


The number of eating establishments within the town seems to wax and wane, with ones coming and going between each of my visits. The local tourist information centre offers a guide to eating out. Options for dinner are particularly limited on some days.York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


I hope you’ve enjoyed your quick tour of my home town. If you’d like the more detailed descriptions behind each of the daily photos, click through to my Instagram account and use the #feetonyork hashtag to pull up the York photos.

The details

York is 97kms from Perth in Western Australia.
York Information Services is located at the York Town Hall, 81 Avon Terrace
Phone: 08 9641 1301
Email: info@york.wa.gov.au
Website: www.york.wa.gov.au/visitors

Have you ever been to (or heard of) York in Western Australia?

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York in Western Australia: www.feetonforeignlands.com


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