Memorable moment – Punalu’u black sand beach, Hawaii

Discovering a sea turtle basking on the intensely black sands of Punalu’u Beach made for a totally memorable experience in a huge year. 

Black sand beach, Punalu'u



Dateline: 23 November 2015

It’s been a long and stressful year in our household as Queenie completed her final year of school and the associated exams. Not stressful for any particular reason – just that the VCE year is full-on, with SACs (assessment tasks) every few weeks, then the build up to the final exams in October/November.

One of the things which kept her and me going all year, was the thought of our planned post-exam mother/daughter trip to Hawaii, which we were to do with one of her friends and her mum.

Three days into the trip we left the white sands and palms of Waikoloa Beach to drive around the south-west corner of the Big Island to our next stop at the town of Volcano. The day of our drive was rainy, the road was at times winding, and after a lunch stop at a place called Ocean View, we decided that our plans to turn off the road to visit the green sands beach were probably better shelved due to the weather.

However, we did stop at the black sand beach at Punalu’u. The rain had eased for a bit, and we walked across the intensely black beach. Words cannot describe the appearance of that beach, and its blackness made it so difficult to capture photographically too. To say we were awestruck is an understatement.

Then, as we rounded the corner, we discovered a sea turtle basking on the sand. We were beside ourselves with excitement.

A totally memorable moment.


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