Kyoto’s craziest parfaits at Karafuneya Coffee

I thought I’d seen some pretty odd icecream flavours and combinations before, but everything in the past seemed tame when I perused the parfait menu at Kyoto’s Karafuneya Coffee. It’s a fantastic, fun spot for some late-night dessert.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

After an evening of geisha stalking  spotting in Gion, we headed back over the river to find a place we could give karaoke a good go. And that we did (but that’s a whole other story). After we emerged from the scene of our songbird successes, we were determined to find somewhere for dessert. There, like a mirage in front of us, appeared Karafuneya Coffee.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

I’ve never seen a window display quite like Karafuneya’s. The menu boasts over 200 types of parfaits, and in the window there are samples made (as is the Japanese way) of a resin-y plastic. From a simple banana split to a jumbo sundae designed to be shared with at least a few (perhaps 50?) friends, the range was incredible.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:
This jumbo parfait is 50,000 JPY (about $600 AUD)

The jumbo parfaits were about the size of a pig. Which is possibly what you’d feel like if you tried to eat one on your own.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:
It’s difficult to see scale in this photo – but when they say ‘bucket’ they really mean it.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

And even more surprising were some of the combinations – fried chicken parfait, french fries parfait and American hot dog parfait to name a few. Tempting…but, no.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:
I assume it is an American (hot) dog…not the ‘woof, woof’ variety.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto: Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

However, after a good fifteen minutes of agonising over the choices, we did each order something from the extensive menu.

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

My choice featured a green matcha tea icecream which is my favourite icecream flavour. Before any of our parfaits were consumed however, we all had to photograph them for the requisite Instagram pics. 🙂

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:

Many of the single-serve-sized parfaits on the menu were around 600 to 1000 JPY ($7-12 AUD) which made them reasonable – and the entertainment value of eating Kyoto’s craziest parfaits came free.

Next time, I’m going with a lot of friends to order one of those jumbo parfaits!  Who’s with me?

The details

Karafuneya Coffee Shop
Sanjo main shop address: 39 Daikokumachi, Kawaramachi Sanjo-dori Kudaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Name in Japanese: からふね屋珈琲店 三条本店
Address in Japanese:<中京区河原町通三条下ル大黒町39
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00am (last orders at 12:15am)
There are several other outlets in Kyoto

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Karefunya Coffee Kyoto:


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