For Art’s Sake, Hua Hin

I can never resist a chance to combine a bit of art and my love of selfies, so when I found out about For Art’s Sake in Hua Hin, I persuaded the family to leave the pool and the beach and to check it out. 

For Art's Sake, Hua Hin:

For Art’s Sake, 4D Art Museum in the Thai beachside resort town of Hua Hin is a somewhat quirky concept.  It’s an entire ‘museum’ filled with 2-dimensional artworks on its walls that create 3-dimensional optical illusions when you view them from the correct perspective.

For Arts Sake, Hua Hin (4)

At each scene, guides within For Art’s Sake help you create the ‘correct’ pose for the best effect and indicate exactly where the photographer should stand for the right perspective. The results can be quite effective…and/or a bit cheesy! You really need to leave any self-consciousness behind, as you’ll be expected to scream as you are swallowed by Jaws, strut your stuff on the red carpet and try out your best yoga moves to create some of the effects.

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The space is divided into zones with different themes in each zone, including Imagination Zone (creativity and imagination), Childhood Zone (childhood memories), Hua Hin Zone (local sites and activities), Horror Zone (zombies, monsters, terror), The Mirror Climb (an effect which makes you look like you’re on the edge of a building) and the giant Piano Stairs.

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All of the 3-D art has been painted by Thai artists and each zone also features special sound effects.

For Arts Sake, Hua Hin

On a very hot day, we appreciated the art-conditioning of the building and it took us about an hour to work our way through all the various scenes.

For Arts Sake, Hua Hin (3)

It’s a fun diversion in Hua Hin when you’ve had enough of soaking up the sun.

The details

For Art’s Sake, 4-D Art Museum, Hua Hin
Address:22/141 Phetkasem Rd, Hua Hin
Hours: Daily from 10:00am – 08:00pm
Admission: 300 Baht for adults, 200 Baht for children

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For Art's Sake, Hua Hin:

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