Memorable moment – Selfie Coffee Cafe, Singapore

I’ve been known to take a selfie or two in my travels. But I found the ‘memorable moment’ selfie to end all selfies, when we visited the Selfie Coffee Cafe in Haji Lane in Singapore. 

Selfie Cafe Sinagpore:


Dateline: 16 January 2016

For someone of…(cough)…my age, it’s a bit embarrassing how many selfies you’ll find if you trawl through my photo library. What kind-of started as a joke, has become something I’m quite proud of. As the main photographer for our family, before I started with the selfies and wefies, it was sometimes as if I wasn’t even present photographically in our travels.  But now there is a myriad of photos of me in various locations, and doing various mad things. I take the travel selfie phenomenon so seriously, I’ve even written a helpful post on Five Travel Selfies You Should Never Share.

So, as a connoisseur of the selfie, when I heard about the Selfie Coffee Cafe in Haji Lane in Singapore, it went straight to the top of my ‘to-do’ list for that city.

At The Selfie Coffee Cafe, customers have an opportunity to have their selfies or wefies printed onto a cup of coffee. NOT onto the cup…literally onto the coffee itself. Vegetable oil ‘inks’ are used to digitally print the image onto a layer of whipped cream that tops the coffee.

The end result is apparently better when you choose a cold drink (the image lasts longer). So I went for an iced coffee. At SGD $8.50 (about AUD$8.50) for a cold selfie drink ($7.50 for a hot one) it’s not the cheapest of coffees I’ve ever had (but also nowhere near the most expensive…).

After ordering my drink, I was given an iPod to take the photo with. If I’d wanted to, there was a selection of ‘props’ I could have used (sunglasses, hats etc). I’m a selfie purist. I went prop-free. I couldn’t tempt any of the rest of The Fairlie Entourage to order a selfie coffee, so they just photobombed mine. The photo was then printed onto the whipped cream layer of my coffee.

Such a fantastic result. But the experience of drinking it? I have to say, it was somewhat disconcerting to stab myself with a straw, and then to watch my face distort and disappear as I sucked out the coffee!

A totally memorable moment.

Would you get a selfie coffee?

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