Time to get our skates on at The Wollman Rink

One of the things we were determined to do while are in New York, was to go ice skating. We checked out three different rinks…but decided only this one would do:

The Wollman Rink in Central Park.
It’s just beautiful- surrounded by the snow-covered park, with the buildings on Central Park South and Park Avenue visible over the tops of the trees.

And it’s kept nice by the big man himself…Donald (or one of his minions…if they’re not fired.)

We equipped ourselves with the best in hired skates. You can have any colour as long as it’s blue.
Queenie took off with the rest of the crowd, leaving the first-timer Impossible Princess and me clutching the wall as we gingerly worked our way around our first lap.
My (somewhat limited) ice skating skills were tested by trying to keep a slip-sliding Impossible Princess upright and moving forward.
At least at the end of the hour she was still smiling. (And asked if we can go again tomorrow.)
We returned our skates as instructed by the sign.
Man, I’d hate to to have the job of sorting that lot out. I hope Donald pays well.
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