There’s something fishy about this.

It’s amazing the difference a year can make. Just over twelve months ago when we were in New York, we chanced upon a salon offering fish pedicures. Eeeeewww, we all said in chorus.
Fast-forward to January of this year, and when we came across a day spa in Langkawi offering the same thing, we were game for it.

For the princely sum of RM18 per adult (about $6 Australian) we were entitled to 15 minutes of immersing our feet in the awaiting tank of Garra Rufa (or Doctor) fish.

The tiny Garra Rufa fish originally come from warm spring waters in Turkey, where for hundreds of years people have used them to treat a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis and callousing. The toothless fish nibble or suck at dead skin, removing it and leaving the feet smooth (hence the ‘pedicure’ tag).

First, we had to wash our feet thoroughly to remove any soaps, perfumes or other chemicals, then we were ushered to the edge of the pool and told to stick our feet in.

The fish rushed to our feet and got started. It is THE most bizarre ticklish sucking sensation. The fish seemed to like The Poolboy’s feet more than mine, as more headed his way.
After 15 minutes of giggling at the insanity of this activity, it was all over.
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