Fashionable Milan

There’s a few streets in fashionable Milan renown for their high-end fashion shopping. Together they form the ‘fashion quadrilateral’.
Via Montenapoleone contains many of the top Italian designers’ flagship stores.  When we walked past, a crowd had formed outside the Prada store, which had a black limo parked outside and had been closed with security posted on the front door. We never did find out who was inside.
The following day, a similar situation at the Louis Vuitton shop.
We assumed that was situation normal during Fashion Week.
My favourite of the Quadrilatero was Via della Spiga – which is totally (with exceptions… which is so Italian) a pedestrian zone.
It is a narrow, paved street lined with beautiful Victorian architecture and, of course, stunning shop fronts.

We walked down it before the shops opened, which ensured we couldn’t be tempted to hand over the Euros!


Children’s clothing.

High-end women’s wear.



All very beautiful…but eye-wateringly expensive in most cases.  Luckily, our resident fashionista had done her research in advance and had found details for designer outlet stores. Armed with a map and a Metro ticket, we found one which had an incredible range of stock at around 70 percent off the original prices.  So we did our bit for the ailing Italian economy there.
I was most impressed with myself when I found Queenie a pair of wedge-Converses in her size amongst the shoe stock. She’s been wanting some ever since she saw similar in the D&G A/W 2011 runway.  Queenie was impressed with me too.
Tomorrow…onto Florence.
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