Adventures in dessert

When on holidays, we like to seek out many of the local food experiences, which often has mixed results.

This dessert is bubur cha cha  and is a popular Malaysian Nyonya dessert consisting of sweet potato, yam (taro), tapioca flour jelly, and sago pearls in a sweet coconut sauce. It’s better than it looks. Definitely edible, and as long as you don’t mind the texture of gelatinous bits floating in a custard, actually quite enjoyable.

This dessert however, is a totally different story. It is called fruit rojak, and I have declared it a crime against humanity. The Poolboy foolishly ordered it and I had just one small taste, but the memory of that will linger forever.  The ingredients are cucumber, pineapple, tofu, mango and apple in a dressing of water, shrimp paste, sugar, chili, and lime juice, topped with ground peanuts.
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