Around Singapore

We’ve been to Singapore a couple of times before so knew a few of the places we wanted to revisit.
My brother lived there for a while and one of the places he introduced us to, and that we revisit everytime we’re in Singapore is a shop which offers aura photography.
(It is in the Fu Lu Shou Centre near Bugis St,  if anyone wants to go there. My brother’s instructions to find it when I texted him to ask where it was were very vague, but did get me to Little India. Thank goodness for Google.)
For the grand sum of Singaporean $5, you sit on a chair and place your hands on metal hand sensors, while the operator takes your photo with what looks like a regular polaroid camera.
The results are then analysed by the computer, and you receive both your aura photo (this is mine, below) and a report which interprets the aura.
The results for me, Queenie and The Impossible Princess  all seemed very apt, but The Poolboy’s aura was way too relaxed and spiritual for him. (Although this was following a relaxed week at Langkawi).
Anyway, it’s all a bit of fun and about as scientific as reading the horoscope in the paper.

We had dinner at Clarke Quay, which was another place we like to revisit.


And spent a few hours browsing the many, many shops on Orchard Road.

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