Memorable moment: Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

This ‘memorable moment’ snapshot taken at the Halema’uma’u observation point at the Jaggar Museum in Volcano National Park Hawaii will always make me smile.

Memorable moment, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii:

Dateline: 24 November 2015

Visiting a live volcano had been on my bucket list for a while, so when Queenie and I went to Hawaii as an after-exam/finishing school treat with one of her friends and her mum, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check one out (reasonably) up-close in the Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island.

After a full-day of walking and seeing the incredible sights of the Park (you can read about it in detail in this post) we had dinner in the town of Volcano and then headed back into the Park after dark. Our destination was the Halema’uma’u observation point at the Jaggar Museum, from where you can see the glow (and hear the roar, we discovered…) of lava in the Halema’uma’u crater a mere mile (about 2 kms) away.

It really was an awesome experience to watch the lava glow. I gave Queenie my SLR camera and she took a dedicated interest in trying to capture a spectacular lava glow shot with a degree of success.

Meanwhile, I walked behind Queenie and her friend, Ruby and took some iPhone photos of them silhouetted against the glow. They’re not particularly great quality photos, but what makes this particular shot such a memorable moment for me and makes me laugh whenever I see it, is the caption Queenie used when she posted it to her Instagram feed…

Because we learnt nothing from Pompeii

Have you ever peered into a volcano?

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