Memorable moment – The Pinnacle at The Grampians

This ‘memorable moment’ snapshot taken of The Pinnacle at The Grampians National Park will always remind me of the quote ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb’.

The Pinnacle at The Grampians

Dateline: 26 September 2016

Despite living in Victoria for almost 25 years, we had never visited The Grampians National Park, which is about three and a half hours drive from Melbourne. So, we decided to fix that omission during the recent school holidays.

Arriving at our Halls Gap accommodation late in the afternoon, we were immediately gobsmacked by the natural beauty surrounding us, and made plans to get in among it the following day with a walk to The Pinnacle first up on the agenda.

Now, there’s two ways to walk to The Pinnacle – an ‘easy to medium’ walk from Sundial Carpark and a ‘more challenging climb’ from Wonderland Carpark. So, of course, we chose the ‘more challenging’ option.

This strenuous 2.1km walk climbs from the carpark, through the Grand Canyon, past the Bridal Veil Falls (which, with recent rains were running quickly) and then squeezes through the narrow rock alley called ‘Silent Street’ before reaching The Pinnacle Lookout (in the snapshot above) where you have an incredible views of the vast Grampians and into the Halls Gap valley.

Generally, when a walk is described as ‘strenuous’, I expect it to be a bit huff ‘n puffy…I wasn’t quite prepared for just how ‘strenuous’ this walk would be. The path climbs 280m in the 2.1km of the walk, and at times that climb is achieved by huge step-ups from one rock or boulder to the next. Luckily there was no rain while we walked, as that would have added a whole other degree of difficulty to the experience. I started off wearing a jumper and wind-jacket, by the end, I had the jacket tied around my waist and had convinced The Poolboy to carry my jumper 🙂 .  Along the way, there were a few choice words muttered under my breath too…

But when we reached the top? It was all worthwhile. The pain was forgotten.

It truly was a Wonderland.


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